Application simplifies the control of the new security system with the easiest possible instalation. Alarm EMA is made for any vechicle and is transportable from one vechicle to another. With the application SIM-Alarm it is possible to control EMA alarm via your Iphone.

" Simple - smart, just Clever " - Jiří R.


The application is already possible to download from the AppStore. Current version 1.3

This page is dedicated to SIM-Alarm application itself. More about the device you will find at the web site of the manufacturer.

  •  About us

  • What has been said or written about us. Share a link to page with Sim Alarm. Facebook & Twitter pages coming soon.

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  •  Coming soon

  • Important information about new version of SIM-Alarm. List of adjustments, repairs, improvements and new features in our application for controlling GSM alarm Ema.
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  •  About application

  • Introduction, description on the screens, web links, manuals, additional software for GSM alarm Ema. Simlpy all you need for this smart application and alarm itself.

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Yes we can hear you...

Ideas, advices, remarks about our program for controlling GSM alarm Ema. Contact us through application (from version 1.1.) or by mail: info[at]sim-alarm[dot]com.

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